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    With the upcoming deprecation of Tor Onion Services v2 it’s really time to find a successor for Ricochet. My first impression of Cwtch is that it does everything that Ricochet did and more (i.e. file sharing) and I like that I can finally copy paste code without the indent getting lost. Apart from that I find the user interface not super intuitive but maybe it’s just a matter of getting used to it. Anyway, big respect for the team and what they already have accomplished.

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      what do the onion services v2 have to do with that?

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        Ricochet uses Onion Services v2 and since they won’t be supported starting tomorrow (and are insecure for other reasons) we need “a Ricochet based on onion services v3”. One of them is Cwtch, it is started by Sarah Jamie Lewis, who has also been working in the past with John Brooks of Ricochet (on a Go implementation of Ricochet). Another contender is https://www.ricochetrefresh.net.

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          Ah, I see. I was unaware of the Go impl. as well as the link between Cwtch and Ricochet. Thanks for the info.