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    What’s with the horizontal scroll on the middle column that’s taking up maybe 30% of my screen? If I could just stretch it out to kill off some of the dead margin space, I would be able to read the whole article without scrolling :)

    I’d also like to see how it compares to the default debian or a manjaro plasma install on the pinebook pro. I may give that a try on mine, which is currently idle because the kid who was using it needed a windows box for remote school activities.

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      CDE was a decent environment. Much more worthy than the bloated envs that are popular these days.

      If only if people were willing to work on it.

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        CDE was the original design-by-committee mess that vendors deployed when they had lost interest in investing in their desktop experience. SGI’s desktop (which went by many names) and what Sun had before CDE, their Open Look desktop, were superior. (SGI’s had a lot of interesting touches, and Open Look had Xerox influence and involvement.)

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          CDE was probably the most bloated env of its day.

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            It still compiles and runs fine on modern Ubuntu. Just no packages available.

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              Enlightenment is about the closest you’ll find to a modern CDE. From the gist of the workflow to the specialized libraries (EFL, Elementary) to compliment CDE’s Motif.

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                I’d rather CDE got revived.

                Never been a fan of EFL.

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                  I’d rather CDE got revived.

                  Best way to ensure that is to do it yourself: https://sourceforge.net/projects/cdesktopenv/ should be a decent starting point