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    The focus on Google in the title seems a bit click-baity. European TV standards dealing with this question in the context of DRM is interesting.

    If there was a DRM tag I would have used it.

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      Interesting, but of course, DRM companies don’t care about ‘family’, they just care about selling you a package that is attractive to you because your wife can use it, too. I have no idea why rules like ‘you can only be the member of one family’ would be absurd or a ‘falsehood’ in this context.

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        I consider myself to be a member of at least four families: my Mother’s family, my Father’s family, my wife’s family, and the family that consists of my wife and kids and me.

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          “Household” or “Home” might be better terms. Seeing as most people spend 99% of their time at a single residence. This may be a group house, university, dorm, or some other place, which is fine, that’s your group.
          Unfortunately it won’t work if you have 50% time at Dad’s house and 50% time at Mum’s house, or some other arrangement.

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            Well, maybe you have a wife and a mistress and then there’s the pretty lady in the hotel bar you want to google play and chill with. Can you make her part of your family for 24 hours? Of course, she’d have to be a hidden family member, but that’s just a few checkboxes. Can see other family members, can be seen by other family members, etc.

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              I you are affluent enough to have a mistress, you can buy her her own Netflix account!

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            The problem is the 2.4 kids, should the .4 kid be counted as a whole kid or just miss out on entertainment altogether?

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              Ask a bad (poorly defined) question, get a bad answer. Really too bad more out of the box thinking wasn’t applied here.

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                “Really too bad more out of the box thinking wasn’t applied here.”

                It probably was, and then either Google marketing, or the media companies went “No too hard!” or “No, because <insert piracy/$/bah here>!”

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                Would it be less absurd if they simply used the term “share group” or whatever? Is it ridiculous to require a share group to live in the same country?

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                  Netflix just calls them by the fairly generic term “Profiles”, and avoids any kind of policing of how you use them, besides simple automated stuff like limiting each account to two profiles simultaneously streaming, because they don’t find it worth the effort. Since profiles are just an entity within an account, though, they do all “live” in one country for DRM purposes.