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A history of ANSi art and warez culture from the days of bulletin board systems and dial ups.


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    I entered this world after BBS (i.e. entirely on IRC) in the late 90s. This connected some dots for me and was really interesting. Thanks!

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      I was lucky to run a BBS in the 90’s and this really took me back.

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      very nice and fitting soundtrack for the intro!

      edit: the soundtrack is in general quite impressive.

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        Yeah it’s really good, kind of has a Hotline Miami vibe.

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          Wow I didn’t know Hotline Miami, thanks for the mention, it has a really nice soundtrack.

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            Jonatan Söderström the maker might be a genius indie game dev… all his stuff has a very ANSi ascetic with super focused gameplay and rad music. It’s inspiring when one dev makes a game that good.

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        If you want to see more, the archive at 16colo.rs contains a lot of artworks, both from the old days as well as contemporary ones. (Yes, people are still making these.)

        EDIT: the demoscene is still going as well. See demozoo or pouët

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          It was a sad sad day that my local BBS shut down…

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            art tag maybe?