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    Having no centralized server looks very appealing for a mesh overlay network in a home environment. Any Yggdrasil reviews? The main two things I’m curious about are:

    1. Security: I’m having trouble understanding how just firewalling specific IP addresses is enough security. What prevents someone else from using the same IP address?
    2. Performance: the official site compares itself to OpenVPN and SSH. But what about Wireguard/ZeroTier?
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      Re: security: from what I know, Yggdrasil IP addresses are derived from the public part of the keypair used to connect to the network - in order to use the same IP address as you, someone would basically have to crack your private key or find another private key that corresponds to a public key that becomes the same IP address.

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        I must be missing something still. People can use whatever ip address they want. Are you saying that people can use whatever ip, but a Yggdrasil node won’t communicate beyond some initial authentication step if you can’t prove you have the private key for that ip? Is every udp packet unwrapped to do that Auth?

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          Every packet is encrypted to the target’s public key, so a TCP connection can’t complete a handshake if one of the peers doesn’t have the private key to decrypt the packet’s contents. I’m not sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the packets are signed by the source’s private key so that the target can verify packets are coming from the source, making UDP secure.