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    What’s wrong with just script(1) to record:

    script script.log

    which makes a script of everything typed and displayed. Which you can then play back via:

    while read line; do echo ${line}; sleep 1; done < script.log

    Tweak the parameter to sleep(1) for replay speed :)

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      Indeed, script is great, and ubiquitous. script usually (depending on the version) also has options to record and playback everything, including timing. (scriptreplay under Linux, script -p under FreeBSD.)

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        Didn’t know about -r option to script(1), at least from BSD, to record. And -p option, to play back.

        Very cool!

        Thanks :)

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      Great article!

      Weirdly, when I go to that link (or even reload the page) I end up 3/4 of the way down the page instead of at the top. Browser bug or something to do with the page scripting?

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        This appears to be caused by the embedded iframes stealing focus. I tried some workarounds, but they unfortunately don’t seem to resolve the issue. If anybody knows a better fix for this, then I would love to hear it!

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        Oh man, so many cool tools!

        BTW, you have a typo in the link to the powerline-shell page.

        And the x-macro link too!

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          Thanks, that should be fixed now!

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          I enjoyed this look at a world of tools that I have never once in my life considered using. Thanks!

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            Is there a reason to use cat here:

            cat recording.macro | xmacroplay

            Will normal redirection not work?