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    Keep mistagged science enthuasiast spam on HN, thanks.


    Folks–let’s be clear. This was tagged web, when it should probably be tagged science and perhaps law or hardware.

    This article is news. This article is advertising for Moon Express–a service which almost certainly none of us will ever use. This article has no math, code, or practices in it to learn from.

    Lobsters is not a clearinghouse for “oh boy science I like science lets post science”. It is a technical community for technical practitioners.

    If the article had been, say, an old Armadillo Aerospace retrospective on why one of their rockets exploded, or even an engineering blog from Blue Origin or SpaceX, maybe that would be okay.

    But 8 tepid paragraphs announcing a company getting permission to do something that doesn’t affect any of us for the forseeable future, without engineering knowledge? That’s just a waste.

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      But I fucking love science!

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      Keep mistagged science enthuasiast spam on HN, thanks.