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    I was curious to see just how long I’ve been using Mutt so I had a trawl through some old email archives. Earliest reference I can find in an email I sent is to Mutt 0.51, on Mon, 18 Nov 1996 13:46:33 +0200. I vaguely remember starting using it around release 0.4x, which was probably a bit earlier in 1996 (I can’t seem to find a complete version history online and I’m not really in the mood to trawl through source control history).

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      $ ls -l --time-style=+%Y .muttrc | awk '{print $6}'
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      Congratulations! I find it astonishing that an “oldschool” type project like mutt can survive so long, even though I was a happy mutt user for years. On for another 25 years!

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        There is also neomutt[1] which supports notmuch[2].

        [1] https://neomutt.org

        [2] https://notmuchmail.org

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