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    This discussion is not complete without an honorary mention of https://metacpan.org/pod/Acme::EyeDrops ;)

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      Damian Conway is one of the luminaries of the Perl world. I had the pleasure of taking a Perl seminar with him way back when. (I haven’t coded Perl in many years, because Python replaced it in my toolbelt, but this was back when my interest in dynamic languages was new and I hadn’t settled on a workaday language.)

      To get a sense of his really fun presentation style and hacker ethos, you can watch this amazing talk on YouTube. It showcases his joy of programming. You don’t need to know (or even like) Perl to appreciate it. It’s also tangentially related to this module.

      “Three Little Words”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ob6YHpcXmTg