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    Check out /u/linda, which:

    • has one submission about sourcegraph, nothing else
    • has invited 6 users within the span of 45 hours (including the submitter of this post)
    • none of them have any comments or submissions (except for this one)
    • half of them are registered within the hour this post was made. The other half 20 hours before that.

    I’m not sure what to think of this. Assuming every one of those accounts has a real person behind them, does this count as voting ring?

    The product looks interesting.

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      I don’t regard any of this as proven, but your hypothetical is a relevant question. Assuming these are in fact all different people, and joined just to vote for this article… my inclination is that that’s rude and disruptive, and is the kind of borderline case where I’d find it helpful to hear them explain why.

      Good find though; I think it’s more likely these aren’t distinct individuals. Ping @jcs to maybe look into it?

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      This looks really useful, can’t wait for more languages to be supported! (Rust, Haskell, and C would be the only really useful ones for me.)

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        Author of the post here – here’s the link to the project if you want to skip my bad poetry and just check out the product! https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/sourcegraph-for-github/dgjhfomjieaadpoljlnidmbgkdffpack

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          Is there an [advertising] tag?

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            Interesting question. To me, subjectively, this doesn’t feel like spam; it is indeed potentially useful to the community. I’m sure that’s not unanimous, but it is getting upvotes, so a tag would make more sense than flagging it. The author is a lobste.rs user but not the one who posted it, so show doesn’t feel appropriate either.

            I think it’s actually fairly rare that a link here to somebody else’s self-promotion is topical and interesting, and I’m not sure we need a tag, given that. But it’s a community decision.

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              It’s a software release or announcement and should be tagged as such.

              I don’t want to see Lobsters become another channel for people to market their goods and services, but at the very least if we can’t stop that (and we can’t, ultimately) we can at least make sure submissions are tagged.

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                Good point, didn’t think of that. Certainly it should be software. User voting appears to have made it so.

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                It’s clearly just an ad in my opinion, and although the product looks fairly interesting, it seems unlikely that the votes are entirely organic.

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                  Yeah, that’s why I asked about an advertising tag, rather than just marking spam; I don’t mind some self promotion.

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                    Problem with an advertising tag is the same problem we had with a wtf tag…we want to make sure we don’t normalize things that we’re going to regret.