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    I personally can’t believe I’ve lived so long without mtr.

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      Haha, same here. Its basically traceroute on steroids. Colleague of mine showed it to me and I was really like you, …couldn’t believe I got here without. It didn’t solve the problem at hand back then but I was so glad that somebody showed it to me.

      You can see in one column the package losses from one hop to the next. If the loss is only happening at one hop this is usually not a problem. Contrary so if the entire loss column would show high loss. My colleague also noted that when I want to see where a connection has problems, I need to run mtr on both ends of the connection.

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      Agree on the quote “It’s either DNS or MTU”.

      Ran into some hard SSL issues a few weeks ago and couldn’t understand what the problem was. Almost on the verge to restructure my entire infra, but then tweaked some MTU settings in WireGuard and everything got resolved.