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    sudo deprecation

    Favouring doas over sudo in a mainstream Linux distro? Wow! I haven’t been following the Alpine space for a while now, this is quite the surprise, a welcome one at that.

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      I dunno if using musl as a libc qualifies a distro as “mainstream”…

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        I consider it “mainstream” purely because of it’s massive popularity in Docker containers. It’s probably the most popular OS to use musl anyways. I do understand what you’re getting at though.

        I wasn’t necessarily speaking of it as a mainstream desktop-oriented OS (though I have used it for that before and it was quite fine at handling that).

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          Heh. Well I don’t have numbers but I’d expect the “marketshare” of Alpine as a daily driver (as opposed to being in a container) is on par with OpenBSD, where doas originated :D

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      It’s going to be hard work for them to do the reproducible builds without some formal snapshots of the repository states. I wonder what changes that will bring overall since “daily zfs snapshots on some person’s system” is not a long term / reproducible situation. This could result in a better archive and option to install older versions on a normal system.