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    Well, the website has more than one header I don’t expect. I’m not familiar with the Amazon cloud. Is it normal it adds all these extra stuff?

    x-amz-server-side-encryption: AES256
    x-amz-cf-pop: FRA53-C1
    x-cache: RefreshHit from cloudfront
    x-amz-cf-pop: FRA53-C1
    x-amz-cf-id: xmjg0VUglNLu4eimYuTNRCPrnuHnrIsHL1wvmiDBF-MXaWFq1iLKHw=
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      Not all AWS services do; in this case, the site was served over the Cloudfront CDN. Other services are less noisy.

      In the spirit of sharing fun header tidbits: the x-and-cf-pop header shows the point of presence that served this request. AWS uses ICAO airport codes, so this came from Frankfurt, Germany. I got an ORD value there so my data came from Chicago.