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    One might add that the easiest way of running acme on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux with the same setup is to use the Inferno OS version which runs in a VM and there is a prepackaged form of it: acme-sac. I have used this for years to have a consistent editor on all thes OSs with minimal fuss to set it up.

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      I found the Inferno environment to work subtly differently than plan9port’s in a way that I don’t remember but was infuriating at the time.

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        Yes it is slightly different, mostly the mountpoints are. It is still usable though and the system is documented rather well… The Programming in Inferno book also helps…

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      This may have changed since last I tried this method of running plan9port acme on Windows under Xming, but I did have the problem that right-click search within a pane does not snap the cursor position to the next result as per other platforms. This is probably an Xming thing. As @C-Keen mentions, acme-sac is working well for me on Win10 (with -g2560x1440)