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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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    My 75 year old father, who lives alone, was walking everywhere in the Texas heat because his car broke down and he didn’t tell my sister or me because he “didn’t want to cause any trouble.”

    He won’t let me pay to fix his car. He won’t let me pay to buy him a new car. So we have convinced him that our second car is just too small for us and he would be doing us a favor by taking it off our hands.

    So we’re caravanning to Houston to deliver a car to my father and trying to figure out how to make sure the paperwork all gets done correctly.

    Good times.

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      Is Houston home, or did your father move here later?

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        I live in Austin, my sister lives in Houston, and my father lives in a small town in east Texas. He has my sister’s car right now and he’s going to meet us back at my sister’s house, drop her car off, and pick his new (our old) car up.

        We’ve been trying to get him to move closer to my sister for a couple of years now but he adamantly refuses and he’s in robust health and of sound mind so we can’t make him.

        (He’s far enough away from both of us that we can’t just pop in and check on him. He grew up in Houston and goes there almost weekly so him moving closer to my sister make sense, but he doesn’t want to.)

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          Sympathy on the stubborn parent. We have 4 of those (scattered around the state) between us, so I imagine we’ll be in the same boat in not-too-many years.

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      My 5yo son is really into space at the moment, so I’m taking him to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum and seeing a short IMAX movie on space there.

      Working on resting better for myself; I’ve had issues with migraines and TMJ as of late and need to build better patterns of rest in to mitigate.

      Might start hacking on a tiny WebAssembly interpreter. Other than the official spec, does anyone have any reference material for it they really like?

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        I love the Air And Space Museum and wish I was going with you.

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        I’m starting up the work building the network infrastructure for the largest music festival in Northern Europe. It’s great fun, and we’re literally building a medium-sized service provider network in a week.

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          Very interesting. Can you share the details?

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            Sounds like a lot of fun, which festival is that?

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              The Roskilde Festival.

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                DANSKJÄ…oh cool!

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            Visiting Edinburgh (yet another drive to Scotland!) for an ex-colleague’s leaving do. Looking forward to catching up with many folk.

            Hopefully picking up a replacement fan/module for the Z4, should be a fairly simple swap and get it back on the road. If it’s not the fan, then the consumables in the cooling system need replacing.

            Sunday is an 88km (~54 miles) bike ride around South Shropshire. Weather looks good in the forecast, lets hope it holds. Haven’t been on the bike since Lanzarote in February, so not expecting to break records but a nice and steady day out will be glorious.

            Finally beat the garden into submission, so don’t have that facing me anymore. Although the grass could do with a trim already, and there’s some more bushes that need attention. 🤔

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              As little as possible, to be honest. My SO just came back from yet another work related trip (she maxed out on the local airlines membership level 8 or so years ago, she travels 3-5 days a week) so I’m hoping for some family time, and some alone time.

              Today I’ve just taken a walk and started collecting all my QMK (keyboard firmware) stuff into a new home.

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                Four-day weekend due to my company observing Juneteenth.

                Today I’m building my wife a sit/stand desk so she doesn’t have to work from the dining table. It’s inconvenient for her to tidy away everything for every meal. Also building two mini greenhouses (from kits) so our seedlings can move out of the potting shed.

                Tomorrow is Father’s Day in the UK and I’m cooking steak for my father-in-law. (It’s not Father’s Day where my dad lives.)

                Monday and Tuesday still unallocated. Hoping to do something with my son, and also play guitar a lot. Probably read a bit too.

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                  After the 34k last weekend, I haven’t had time at all to just relax.

                  So the agenda for this weekend is to do nothing and just be.

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                    In the US we have a long weekend, so looking forward to relaxing even if I’m not getting paid (contractor). Zoo day, only one child to watch, time with all my friends in one place for the first time since pre-pandemic. Plus temperate weather for motorcycle riding!

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                      gathering all my friends in one place became increasingly easier since 2019 because “all” has been redefined more than once /sarcasm end

                      I hope it looks better on your end :)

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                        Thankfully we still have everyone with us. I think we’ve all caught COVID now, but post-vaccinated so relatively mild cases. Over the past few years, everyone has kind of redistributed to different corners of the state, so I’m excited to actually see everyone again (outside of group chats). My condolences for your losses

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                          this is a misunderstanding, nobody passed from COVID.
                          One grand aunt (“Großtante”) passed away, 91, not from COVID. We have one difficult case of long covid in the greater family.

                          But the number of my friends has been declining due to a split in society. Basically there are to schools: “everything which is ordered top down is good” vs. “freedom!!!” I am not part of either of these dogmas. I am vaccinated and boostered, but it was my concious decision, because I am caring for my elderly parents.

                          But this tainted me for the “Freedom!” school. And the other school avoids me, because I don’t totally embrace vaccination mandates. I seem to live in the smallest possible intersection.

                          In my point of view, the state has to care for the possibilities, for vaccines and for tools, may give recommendations, and that’s it. I abhor the countless decrees which cut off unvacinated from almost everything in order to nudge/kick/coax them into “voluntarily” getting a jab. If a state mandates, it should take the full responsabilites for it’s mandate, not weasel out “but you did it voluntarily!”

                          BTW, I managed to avoid the bug for the three of us up to now. :)

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                      • gardening in dawn (pruning tomatoes, cutting back kiwi and ivy, watering)
                      • breakfast
                      • errands
                      • coffee & cake
                      • loooong siesta (we have a heat wave)
                      • after dinner: dabbling with prolog
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                        Turns out releasing to Chrome Web Store is more work than I thought, so dealing with that and an Android intents problem for my project I wanted to release this week. I’ll need to release to the Firefox Add-ons place and Play Store also.

                        I’ve been really focusing on not rushing the release, to give this a real chance, as it’ll be the first of its kind. If it doesn’t lift off nothing like this ever will and I will know the current “world mind” on this matter.

                        I’m a little anxious to release so I’m going to ask for feedback first from the lobsters IRC channel. I’ve been trying to adhere to community rules better (I hope it’s been noticeable) as I believe lobsters is a great resource when used in a way that makes everyone happy…

                        I think at large people will like it. A large part of the project’s success will be word of mouth really. I can see it appealing to a lot of small / hobbyist web enthusiasts. My main goal is to encourage people to write and own their content in a future-proof way, but the project achieves a lot more than that via side effects of existing.

                        Yes, I haven’t said what it is, but it’s open to see if you’re immediately curious.

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                          I haven’t said what it is, but it’s open to see if you’re immediately curious.

                          In a word, yes 🙂

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                          Assuming the rest of the components arrive today or tomorrow - I’ll be building a workstation around the Honeycomb LX2 - an ARM SystemReady-capable board with an NXP Layerscape LX2160A processor. Managed to grab one on eBay for incredibly cheap, and I’m very much looking forward to having an aarch64 desktop :)

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                            Still pushing on the blog-post logjam mentioned in https://lobste.rs/s/tignw7/what_are_you_doing_this_week#c_aj0pl4

                            I may have to walk until it clicks, but ugh is it hot and muggy.

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                              Hopefully developing my personal static site generator in Racket some more.

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                                Helping girlfriend’s father with yard work and going camping with him.

                                There’s some easy trad/sport climbing routes near the camping spot. I’ll get the opportunity to practice placing trad gear while still clipping bolts. Depending on how that goes I might get my first trad climb ticked off. Hope I don’t die!

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                                  I’m doing a little Scheme programming, I hope to make some in-depth blog posts about practical programming in Scheme. It has been on the back burner for a while as I’m in a bit of a death march project at work at the moment. But now I have a week of vacation (it’s Swedish midsummer, so I get a day for free!), so I want to make a dent in it. I have another project that I want to get around to (that is likely of somewhat broader interest than an exploration of real-world Scheme programming), but it’s in C++ and I’m quite fed up with that from work at the moment.

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                                    Trying to relax, mostly doing the following:

                                    • Playing some games (Valorant)
                                    • Re-seasoning a cast iron pan
                                    • Catching up on e-mail
                                    • Reading

                                    But at the same time, not setting “goals” for the weekend, but rather seeing what I feel like doing.

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                                      I’m considering spening most of the weekend in cinema, to escape the heatwave

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                                        Something that doesn’t involve making plans, hopefully. Maybe some yard work, since the weather is cooling off. Might be a good opportunity to play with a pressure washer.

                                        Garnet’s type checker is actually working so far, amazingly enough, so it’s likely I’ll keep plugging away at it. It can almost do all primitive types, so after all my tests for those pass I can work on functions with generic arguments, and once those work it will be time to attack compound types that may have generics. I expect it to either go okay, or completely melt my code again and make me give up and play with Erlang or something.

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                                          We’re having another couple from out of state come stay the weekend. Gonna be a blast.

                                          Lots of good conversation, good food and probably the odd pub crawl to blow off some steam :)

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                                            Still moving. On Saturday will be taking a ten hour trip to move some essentials to our new residence.

                                            We’ve been moving for five months now, staying at temporary residences because of the crazy housing market. We finally got a house this month, but it’s such a dump it’ll take some weeks of work to make livable. More if we end up doing the work ourselves, as seems increasingly likely.

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                                              Writing some outlines for fictional stories, then hopefully choosing a direction to flesh out a full story. I found this Writing for Engineers by Heinrich Hartmann article that resonated with me and allowed me to apply that described process to much more than documentation. It connected a few dots. It is honestly nothing special but resonated with me probably because I always am searching for a framework to do things for me and this article made me realize a lot of the process I already use almost daily is a framework.

                                              Afterwards I’ll be doing the least or most internet-related thing depending on how you look at it: Attending a Zinefest.