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    Someone on Masto was also mentioning how Skyknit accidentally came up with hyperbolic knitting.


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      They seem like fun people to work with based on the comments. Also, the overlap of knitters and coding carries on the legacy started during Apollo project with women weaving rope memory. For this one, I wonder if it could be improved by an interpreter that simulated the sewing part assessing the difficulty of the moves. Alternatively, something generating or assessing rhythms like work in AI-generated music. If combined with SkyKnit in training, it might address some of the problems the knitters reported while still making interesting stuff.

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        +1 for keeping a human in the loop ;-)

        (I’m kidding of course, but knitting machines are very real. Here’s a new one aimed at small-scale use.)

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          Hah! My very first thought: “Cool! but looks hard…must automate…”.