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      The database/container issue all boils down to questions about data persistence and storage. Containers are ephemeral. They’re easily created, destroyed, and replaced. While this is beneficial for stateless applications, it poses a significant challenge for stateful applications that depend on databases, which, in turn, require persistent storage to maintain data integrity.

      Aren’t there also issues with low-level resource sharing where DBs benefit from preventing CPU cores from switching in and out (to preserve caches) ?

      I personally, think, at least ‘tactically’ – we are missing wider cloud-managed database service availability (the popular databases). For example, Fly.Io still does not have a good story there (at least in my view) [1]

      Perhaps, strategically, in the future, a different breed of databases that are not as centralized, and are architected to take advantage of container technologies, will take hold.