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    I still use fish. It does the autocomplete part very well which is 90% what I need from a shell. I do not have time to go through gazillion lines of shell configuration to get the same in zsh. I do not want to maintain this much configuration. My fish config is 40 lines. Most of it is git related.

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      I really like fish(1) interactive mode and its really a decent shell. I would say that currently zsh(1) and fish(1) are the best currently available interactive shells.

      I tried to use it for a while (not forcing myself - just trying it) and I REALLY miss that I can not use these one liners/typical loops or pipes that I have been using for more then a decade in the fish(1) shell - like those:

      # for I in *.mp4; do ff.mp3.320.sh "${I}"; done
      # find . -type f -iname \*.jpg | while read I; do echo -n "${I} "; identify -format %Q; echo; done

      I really can not understand why the fish(1) developers would NOT implement POSIX /bin/sh syntax and invent their own one … its really a NO GO for me.