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    While many people talk about keybindings being efficient, Rog finds his mouse is just as efficient and simpler to use.

    I totally believe this. As someone who uses a split keyboard and has been an Emacs user for nearly 25 years, I still find a mouse better for basic navigation than a keyboard on most desktop setups. (I have tried pretty much all of the tiling setups as of a couple years ago and gave up on them since I did not find them to be any better than a “normal” desktop.)

    Similar to what the article state about Roger’s setup, I have my setup for comfort. Having to add some, frankly, convoluted keybinding setups is for keeping my arms and hands comfortable. I used to imagine it would be more efficient but really, it isn’t. I do feel better using it, though, and that is efficient in its own way.

    Everyone’s simplicity is different, I suppose.