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    Thanks for posting this. I’ve very recently made the decision to start writing and engaging more online, and seeing things like this makes me much more comfortable doing so, and motivates me to help contribute to a more positive environment. Fear of not being the smartest person in the room has kept me lurking for years now, but there are some definite opportunities for personal growth to be had from writing and engaging online if done in the right manner and for the right reasons, and it’s an opportunity to contribute to the world around me in some small way.

    Being able to spread information and have discussion online is important, but there are some serious lessons in communication and relationships that need to be learned before the web platform can reach it’s maximum potential benefit in this regard. I’m excited to be a part of it, help where I can, and keep learning and growing myself. :)

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      Thanks for the reply. Glad it could help. :)

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      one of my more embarrassing moments on reddit was when i commented on a video saying “nice material, shame the presenter had such an annoying manner”, and it turned out that OP was the presenter.