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    This is one of the reasons I started using DuckDuckGo. It doesn’t have these garbage widgets that suddenly pop up 2 seconds after the page is ‘loaded’ making everything jump around causing miss clicks.

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      Funny you should say that, because I have had that exact problem with DDG because of their “instant answers” or whatever they call it that pop in at the top of the results.

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        DDG is similar in my opinion.

        At least they have a decluttered version - DDG lite - that I switched to because I’m so fed up with the lack of results - 10 after the initial search plus other features I don’t like - “more results”, embedded image or video results above the actual results - there are already tabs for images or videos.

        I set up 2 keyword searches (in firefox) - one for lite and one for regular search pages.

        The good thing about keyword searches is that you can take full advantage of their URL parameter support to control the look, feel and functionality (including turning instant answers off). Some of those options may no longer work though but most of them do.

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      startpage.com has results from google w/o using Google. It deserves to be better known.