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    With their long hair and rock music and yoloing,

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      we’ve got amplified guitars, for playing those whore-house chords / come down to the 54, find your spot out on the floor


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      A more in-depth article covering the same topic was published in 2013 and echoes my sentiments.

      On the plus side, this does mean that none of my classmates ask to borrow my computer (since it has tiled terminals everywhere).

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        Wow that was a good article. Being the “computer science major” in the friend group, I am regularly called when tech support is needed. Most of these situations are resolved in seconds, even if I have never encountered the issue before. Examples include:

        • embedded YouTube video won’t play on our school portal because it was blocked by safari. Having never owned a MacBook, I had to google how to fix it. It was a check box in the settings.

        • friend needed to graph a linear regression fit line over her data points in excel. Her lab instructions included the steps on how to do this (with pictures!), but I still needed to assist with pressing buttons

        • printer was out of ink. I opened the printer and put in the new cartridges.

        • google chrome was displaying ads. I deleted the extension that was doing so

        • google docs formatting was “weird”. I hit backspace a few times. I’ve done this one a lot.

        • instead of logging into her university google account, it was logging into her high school google account by default, except it would fail because the high school account no longer existed. She went to the IT department we have on campus and they had no idea how to fix it. I cleared the cache and logged her in

        It’s ridiculous how often this happens. I hate IT, but I am happy to help my friends out. No one knows how to use computers, including the kids majoring in CS…

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        These damn young people driving around, not understanding how their engine works or the chemical composition of their motor oil.

        I see where the author is coming from but at the same time, sufficiently advanced technology should work seamlessly to the user. Most people don’t want to care about CPU architecture, OS versions, clock speeds, etc. They just want to message their friends and watch YouTube.

        Young people who are interested in how tech works will eventually learn but let the rest just enjoy it.