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    From the readme,

    Each commit of this project corresponds to a section of the book. For this purpose, not only the final state of the project but each commit was carefully written with readability in mind. Readers should be able to learn how a C language feature can be implemented just by reading one or a few commits of this project.

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      On GitHub is there an easy way to view the commits of the project in chronological order?

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        I’m not heaps familiar with github’s web interface. I know you can do this from the git cli with git log –reverse

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      @rui314 has been doing some pretty interesting projects recently (also mold: https://github.com/rui314/mold). Is this some fun retirement period they is enjoying?

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        Yes. After working for Google for 12 years, I decided to leave to pursue my personal interest.

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          Your READMEs are excellent. I’ve never read any so captivating.

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            ruiu, I’d love to be able to pre-order your compiler book or sign up for a mailing list (or follow an RSS feed) to let me know when it’s ready.

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              The chibicc README has instructions on signing up for notifications.

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              Hi @ruiu - quick question. Will your compiler send each phase to a separate process or will the compiler be a single process.

              Just curious - no strong opinion on this.

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                It’s a single process just like other compilers are.

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                Remarkable, thanks for sharing your research