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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      Riding in what’s looking to be a cold, wet, muddy, cyclocross race.

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        That makes it better, right? Have fun!

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          We’ll see lol. Thanks

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      !!Con 2022, aka “Bang Bang Con: The joy, excitement, and surprise of computing.”

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      Dealing with a sickness passing through all three kids (nothing serious). Then hopefully getting some free time in the evening to finish a new play through of Halo Reach.

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        I wish the best for your family

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          Thanks for the well wishes! Things have quieted down and everyone is just stuck with minor coughs. 👍

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      Hosting a big Friendsgiving potluck! So lots of cleaning and prepping that will leave no time for code.

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      Back home relaxing!

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      It’s long weekend in canada and I got a cold. So going to spend most time on the piano with a mask on, prepping for exam next week!

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        Which exam? I’ve been doing MTAC piano exams.

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          Hey, that’s awesome! Is that a teacher’s cert or as a student? I didn’t know about MTAC. I’m doing my Level 6 RCM exam this Thursday. Went back to piano after a looong time away.

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            Student level 5. I started playing piano in 2019 so I’m an adult student.

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              That’s awesome! I’m an adult student as well! I can’t see the MTAC syllabus, but based on both RCM and MTAC having 10-11 levels, they should be very similar. I started again in Aug 2020 as well. Best decision ever!

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                It’s not really public (you have to buy it) but they can be found on the tuning note website http://thetuningnote.com/mtac/CM/2012%20Level%205%20zRepertoire%20Requirements.pdf

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      Some friends over today and tomorrow, Hyper Demon, a bit of graphics programming and Zig

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      Looks like I’m gonna be working…. I’m not done with this thing friday afternoon and these things need to be done monday morning. sigh.

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      Playing around with io_uring

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        any code to share?

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          Sure! Its not great and I’ve got a lot of improvements todo… https://github.com/ewan15/eipher

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      Lots of guitar - practicing and jamming with others, and entertaining my little one in between.

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        What do you like to play? Drummer here.

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          I enjoy most things indie & rock and also play a lot of church music (which was this weekend’s focus). Drums are actually my main instrument but I try to jump in wherever needed. Mountain at My Gates (Foals) and No One Knows (Queens of the Stone Age) are some regular practice songs.

          Got a favorite track to drum to?

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            Oh yeah, I like to jam endlessly on riders on the storm and herbie Hancocks sunlight

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        Hopefully not alone…

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      Taking a break from working on Smol Dungeon. Gonna relax and meet up with some friends.

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        Roguelike! Love it! Going to go download now.

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          Thank you!

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      Between the in-laws that came for the weekend and management of my twins, I would like to finish a post for my cybersecurity newsletter.

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      Going for a hike.

      Probably also working on documenting ahkpm. I released 0.5.0 earlier today, and that knocked out several of my goals as far as features go, so documentation is the area in most need of improvement now.

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      Porting my bash program to compile several Scheme implementations from git, and add support for the test runner I use in my chez wrapper called letloop to make it work with all of those implementations. My goal is to make it easier to create portable Scheme libraries, and programs. I already have a JSON library that runs on 10 implementations, and I want to achieve the same with the revision of SRFI-167 (okvs).

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      Continuing on being (sigh) sick, will watch a few movies to pass the time!

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      Doing errands, burning wood in the stove and riding the wave of colds and flus.

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      I hade a wrist pain flare up two months ago or so. After trying a Kinesis Freestyle Edge and building a Kyria and a Ferris Sweep I finally got a Kinesis Advantage2 a little over a month ago and it has been fantastic. Since I work on two desks around the house, I decided to get another one, so that I don’t have to move it around all the time. My current one has Cherry Browns, but I decided to get the low-force version for the second. So I probably have to do some practice to get used to the switches. Very curious which one I will end up liking more.

      Other than that some family outings.

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      home remodeling! drywall work and painting some rooms

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      Running a session of Tiny Frontiers (sci-fi TTRPG) tonight.

      Seeing Black Panther 2 in theaters today.

      Preparing for the next session of a Forbidden Lands (hexcrawl TTRPG) campaign I’m running on Wednesdays.

      Writing more of the Equipment chapter for the next edition of Aether, a universal TTRPG for my game company Silver Gryphon Games.

      Writing a blog post for SGG about the work we’re doing on Aether and another product.

      Playing through more of the Shadowlands expansion for World of Warcraft ahead of the new expansion’s launch later this month.

      I would work on my AD&D 2e character generator too, but I feel like that might be just a smidge too much going on for one weekend.

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      Helping the local scout troop run a “monopoly inspired game” in the town for a morning (custom board, roll dice, walk to place and take picture. Sends you all round town and keeps them busy for two hours.)

      Then splitting my time between various jobs at home (fitting headlights/front bumper back on Z4, emptying old office, throwing stuff out on the way to new office) and entertaining the pets. Hopefully carve out some time in there to progress my scavenger hunt game app as well.

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      Shiatsu, my birthday party (a few beers at the local bar), finishing the draft of a paper on alloy, and a jam session tomorrow (I play the drums, but we play just for fun, no band involved here)

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      • Today: I’m writing a program to generate AutoModerator rules from a spreadsheet of data.
      • Tomorrow: I’m catching up on chores and going for a walk with my parents.
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      start learning Rust and WASM to challenge myself to level up as developer :)