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    I love them evil old anti-copy schemes.

    The twist here is that every protected disk is unique, and the uniqueness is a side effect of writing to the disk normally. This is the first scheme I hear about that’s like this.

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      If you like that kind of stuff, have a look at 4am crack reports like this one for the game Gumball on Apple II.

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        Cool. Definitely was a lot of work!

        I can’t say I’m a fan of the 40 column format though. I understand they want to be readable on that platform, but still.

        Neat enough I just submitted 4am crack at archive.org as a story.

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      Do people not use “disk”?

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        I was taught in school disc = optical, disk = magnetic or other

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          Here (Australia) “disc” has been almost exclusively used, though that’s started to change with American usages becoming more common.

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            Disc for media that’s literally a disc (like a cdrom).

            Disk for media where the disc is hidden within a non-disc container (floppy, hard disk).