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    The title interested me ’cause I recently had an adventure or two with them myself, but unfortunately the site seems to be down –on IPv4 and IPv6 both. Anyone know of a mirror?

    Edit: Aha, archive.org DOES have a copy: https://web.archive.org/web/20220702234046/https://git.hardenedbsd.org/shawn.webb/articles/-/blob/master/personal/2022-07-02_verizon/article.md

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      I’m of the opinion that IPv6 should be mostly static. If rebooting my router doesn’t change my IPv4 address, it shouldn’t change my IPv6 address either. I’ve retained the same IPv4 address since February. Paying for business class internet with static IP is also an option. I hope that this is a temporary situation. I have Verizon FiOS in my condo. Verizon’s IPv6 rollout is a big project. They are working their way up the east coast and I anticipate that they will be in Boston/Cambridge in a month or two. I’ll probably keep my HE tunnel for a few months after I get native v6 until the dust shakes out.

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        They’ve been here in Waltham for more than a year. Once I figured out that they weren’t even going to pretend to keep stable addressing, I decided to keep the HE tunnel more or less permanently – until something better comes along. I’ll deal with Netflix being IPv4 only.

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          Agreed, on both. I’m somewhat close to dropping Netflix entirely. Their content hasn’t been ringing my bell lately.

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        Most ISPs default to a dynamic v6 prefix. Just like with ipv4 before (in case of mine, all I needed was an email to ask for a static prefix)

        Your infrastructure needs to be prepared for this, and while I personally prefer a static prefix, a dynamic one offers some (very slight) security and privacy benefits and allows the ISP to keep less state.