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    We buy a lot of phones for pretty remote rough locations. Hard to find a nice basic rugged android phone at a good price point some times. Not sure if we’d be able to get these but they look promising if they didn’t have the annoying popup sign up thing going on.

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      It’s not as annoying as it sounds and it’s just an app not a pop-up per the web definition. Though it should have never been there in the first place. It’s good that they intend or are at least thinking of removing it. They do have higher shelf rugged androids (raging twice or three times the price of the one I got) and I didn’t hear people complaining on that with them.

      I am personally more worried on the lack of software updates. I saw the pop-up app a few times during the first two days and roughy forgot it’s there - I can’t shake off knowing that my last security patch was in October :(

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        As minor as it might be, it gets pretty annoying quickly if you’ve got 120-200+ phones to configure for shipping out at any given time! Plus we’ve got a user base where it’s not uncommon to come across someone whose never even had an email address, let alone a smartphone (hence the need for ruggedness) so dealing with the pop-up app will cause a lot of confusion, we already have it with all the samsung apps that come on the phones we’re using now.

        The security patching is pretty much a deal breaker as well.

        The problem is we’ve got such a constrained budget, in our context we’re doing all the setup for a system to basically allow a client to hit the ground running as soon as a box of equipment hits the ground. So it’s got to be stable, easy to configure and at an affordable price point. We’re even toying around with seeing if we can lock phones down to our app only (not to lock out usage of other items, but to reduce the amount people have to learn).

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      As an aside concerning upgrades, bloated systems, etc. I’ve been on Google’s own Project Go on a Nexus 6P since last fall. The system stays current and there’s no bloat. It’s Google, so there’s that trade-off.

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        Project Go

        Never heard of it. What is this?

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          Sorry. Spell checker.

          Project Fi https://fi.google.com/

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        Sounds like you just used a bunch of shitty Androids. Aside from upgrade/update lag, I’ve never had problems with Samsung Galaxy 4 Active. I had the original Galaxy before it with no issues until a ROM flash bricked it after doing many, many flashes that worked. You can always get an Otterbox or case if you’re worried about rugged although Active is hardened a bit.

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          My first Android phone was a Samsung Galaxy S1 and I got it right after an iPhone 3G (bought shortly after the release date).

          The iPhone is still responsive to this day, granted it stopped getting security updates but it had them long after the S1 stopped receiving any. The S1 interface got sluggish, the overlay Samsung did on it was crappy and RAM intensive - I hated that phone. To the point I downgraded back to my old iPhone for as long as I could. Heck, I was considering downgrading back to the old iPhone just to avoid getting an Android phone at all but the lack of 2FA apps and Strava was the deal breaker.

          The second phone I had was a Sony Ericsson Z1 compact I got after my wife was done with it. Same issues - sluggish interface, low internal storage to install any apps and of course no security updates…

          The last one I had was a Sony Ericsson M1 Aqua and I agree it was crappy by design (low shelf) - that’s the one which overheated and eventually got his screen broken.

          I don’t know how often you swap phones. I rarely change them more frequently than every 3 years. What I gathered from friends is that everyone using Android past it’s first year notices a huge performance degradation.

          The only people I know happy with Androids run top of the line models directly purchased from Google, swap phones before the 1 year mark or really active in the modding scene sporting a custom ROM.


          One more thing. I was looking for a budget solution.

          The Otterbox is a 30-60 USD ‘case’. That’s 1/3rd up to half the price of the phone I picked. the Samsung S4 Active is twice the price of the phone.

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            I did notice a performance degradation on this one. I just assumed it was the apps getting bloated over time. Happened with Windows and Linux. Hmm. Maybe I should factory reset to see what happens. Did you think it was software or hardware failure leading to degredation?

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              I’m quite sure it’s software bloat. Most notably Google Play Services and other system apps - especially after Google decoupled them from the base system so they update outside the phone manufacturer hands. This is of course a good choice on Googles side but leads to phones barely spec’ed to run the base OS to really struggle when the base system grows in functionality.

              EDIT: The biggest problem of course is system apps not being able to be moved to external SD cards.

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          myPhone Hammer Iron! What yourPhone do?

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            myPhone Hammer Iron too. Yeah the name is crap :)

            EDIT: To make it more worthy than just name puns. Why is it Hammer Iron 2?

            The company debuted the market with myPhone Hammer which is a rugged dumb phone.

            It was very well received so they did a myPhone Hammer 2 and a myPhone Hammer 2+.

            This was also well received and they started experimenting with rugged smartphones. So the initial model was myPhone Hammer Iron. Brand name, followed by Hammer which in their book is hardened and then Iron for Android models.

            Now you know why mine is myPhone Hammer Iron 2 :) Their Axe and Energy brands are quite interesting but were out of my pocket reach to get 2 models at once.

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              Their Axe and Energy brands are quite interesting

              Next up: Homicide. :)