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    What a great style of writing! I loved it, and I didn’t even understand the code.

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      Me too. I feel like I am getting all of the experience, not just the conclusion, like I lived through that deployment myself.

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        It managed to provide both context / motivation for each evolution of the code, and some fun levity, while being incredibly concise.

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          😁 I’m glad it entertained! 😔 Oh no, how could I have made the code more clear?

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            Yep, the code was great I’m just not smart enough!

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              I’m not the one you’re responding to, but I just assumed they were unfamiliar with Kotlin.

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            intellects vast, cool and unsympathetic regarded this code with envious eyes and slowly and surely drew their plans against it:

            This made me realise there are way too few H.G. Wells references in the stuff I write.

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              Wait, how is it published by Google Docs?

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                File > Publish to the web