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Yes, this definitely falls into self-promotion, so please flag it (or private-message me) if you feel it’s out of line.

However, I did think this would be of interest to at least some lobste.rs lurkers, and just realised it hadn’t been posted yet (has been on HN and Reddit, etc)

Cheers Steve


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    This looks interesting, although one thing that may be relevant to note is that it is written in context of a dev living in the UK. Looks like the business entities chapters are specific to that area. I also think that some of the content may be more relevant for developers in the UK and possibly Europe more than the US. Not that the content isn’t general enough I just think there is cultural business, billing, and probably a handful of other practices that may be a bit less relevant for US readers.

    That said, I think the post is perfectly appropriate, it may be helpful for some to note the geography in which you are practicing business, UK, global or otherwise.

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      Hi bobbywilson – thanks for the vote of support. I didn’t want to be spamming lobste.rs

      You’re right, some bits are definitely UK-specific, but they’re also the parts which can be easily ‘localised’ by contacting a tax office, accountant or govt biz support department wherever you are. There’s still heaps in the book that’s about making freelance work for you wherever you are.

      I had planned to refactor the UK specific stuff into an appendix, based on feedback from readers (730+ at the mo), but people aren’t currently asking for that, so it’s been moved down the backlog.