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Enjoy your time off - be it religious or secular. I hope you’ll find a few moments to rest, enjoy and reflect.

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    Having a cozy Christmas with my parents and next-to-immediate family.

    For those of us who happen to be feeling lonely this season, don’t despair – if there’s anything that’s true about the world, it’s that things change, and perhaps things will change for the better for you, and quicker than you may think. In any case, I share my warmest regards and I’m sure many of us will too.

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      Happy Christmas to you all as well!

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        Happy holidays everyone! It’s been a great year.

        Cheers to @pushcx and the rest of the clawlateral committee for the well-handled takeover from @jcs.

        Also, dupe. 😉

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          Hope all crustaceans have a good day. Clack your claws together!

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            A Merry Christmas to you all

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              So, most of you killed a tree and decorated the carcass with candles? Happy Christmas! 😉

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                Lol cuz one lady in my past used to tell me that. She was Wiccan: they love and worship living things in nature. She told me the tradition their side advocated was decorating live trees in the woods where they’d do the celebration. Less pointless destruction.

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                  I got it from this Frozen spinoff clip.

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                Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy the sunshine or snow!

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                  Happy Christmas everybody!