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The reason I’m using github as the platform is expedience, I want to get the ball rolling. If it goes well then I’m sure people will want to move to a more open platform.

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    You might check out prior art from https://paperswelove.org/

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      Thanks, added it to the readme.

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      great idea. I do not quite understand though, where the meetings take place. I saw an IRC node reference: https://github.com/zx9w/read-together/issues/1

      but not clear if the IRC node is the discussion platform, what topic, how folks in different time zones participate, and so on.

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        Thank you for engaging. The idea is to use the issues to synchronize on what we want to accomplish with the meeting and then it’s a free-for-all tool-wise.

        The IRC channel was started from the NixOS discourse where pie_ (made issue #2) suggested reading Build Systems a la Carte. Right now that is the place to talk to us who have started reading that paper, but I figured the issues would be sufficient as a communication platform for forming new such groups.

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        This sounds like fun!

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          I found out about https://scihive.org/ recently which allows uploading an annotating research papers. Super cool!

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            For example, a friend wanted to read “The Semantic Elegance of Applicative Languages” so we talked on Discord and annotated it here: