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    packages are real, unless declared integer

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      The initial prototype was done in Haskell and is available here: https://github.com/fortran-lang/fpm-haskell. It was rewritten to (what else?) Fortran.

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        I only quickly skimmed the page, so I apologize if I missed it, but does this only support Fortran 90+? That’s not a problem, just curious; a lot of the code I’ve dealt with in the past was still Fortran 77 and maybe some Fortran 90 code, at least in Physics.

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          Youʼll need a Fortran 2008 compiler to build fpm, but fpm itself handles FORTRAN 77 as well.

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            that’s perfect, thank you! I’d love to see an experience report in translating from Haskell to Fortran 2008 as well, that would be interesting…

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        Slightly unfortunately named: https://github.com/jordansissel/fpm

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            I you ask me, “Fortran” seems more intuitive than “Effing”.

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            I saw this and I thought “Oh! Hey wait. That’s not fpm!”

            In my personal universe anyway, this is fpm. A superlative tool for creating OS and distro specific packages without having to go swimming in the labrea tar-pit of mind numbing minutia that’s usually required :)