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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    After averaging north of 80/week working in the tech industry for 20+ years, I am taking a month off of work to get some professional help. What I used to write off as a noble work ethic has developed into a serious mental health problem - I never feel like I dare take a day off, for fear employers will realize they never needed me anyway; the projects and relationships I’ve built up will collapse like a house of cards; my wife will stop loving me because I can no longer provide for our family; and, generally speaking, I will be exposed as a giant fraud who should never have been employed in this industry to begin with.

    The first task I’ve set myself for Tuesday morning is to identify a mental health professional who can help me work through this.

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      Good job, and thank you for sharing! It’s incredibly valuable to have people see others engage with mental health issues as they would any other illness.

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        That sounds like a tough situation. I’m glad you’ve taken the step to seek help.

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          Thanks for the support. The hardest part about it is that this is so deeply embedded in my own self-definition that I’m really struggling to keep seeing it as a problem, even though when I process it completely logically it is obvious. I have been added to the waitlist for a few therapists in the area, turns out due to the pandemic almost everyone is booked weeks out.

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        I’m on-boarding with Shopify tomorrow. I’m excited, and ready to go “back to work”.

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          I am gonna try to hack the spaced-repetition memory tool Anki.

          It’s basically a flashcard management system. I want to add in the ability for a single card to contain multiple pairs of data and pull from them randomly.

          Say I have a little story that, in Japanese, says:

          Kelly went to the store and bought apples. Thomas saw Kelly at the store. Thomas went home and studied.

          I want to be able to replace the nouns, locations and verbs randomly, so that I have to understand the content instead of learning the answers to the card itself. Because Anki has a TTS feature, this will be really helpful in listening comprehension.

          Each card is rendered from HTML, but the ‘front’ and ‘back’ of the cards don’t share state. I’m going to try to either add in:

          • Shared JS state between front and back
          • JSON serialization between front and back
          • Random dictionary indexes that are the same for front and back, but change each time a card is drawn
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            You might also be interested in RemNote for inspiration!

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              I’d be curious to hear how you plan to handle failures/reptitions on that… Are you just going to remember that some specific “instance” of the card was failed, and drive repetitions off that, so it’s essentially a bunch of individual randomly generated instances driven off a single template, but each with their own repetition schedule?

              It seems to me that it’s easier to handle cards as single atomic “facts” rather than your example which seems to mix grammatical structure in the story, as well as multiple random words. How do you (do you even try to?) tell the difference between “I don’t know this word that was randomly inserted” vs “I don’t understand this grammatical construct”?

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                You’re right, I’m absolutely mixing grammatical structure with vocab, and that could be undesirable for a bunch of users.

                For the first cut, I’m just planning to mush everything together, on the basis that my goal isn’t to remember X vocab or Y structure, but to be fluent in a language, which requires both. To me, parsing sentences is the unit of success, so I’m OK failing if I don’t know and can’t guess a word. Also, since I’m the one creating the content, I should know the words myself.

                You’re also right that it makes the repetition system a little wonky, as I can’t force a repeat of a specific instance of the card, at least on my first pass. What I’d love to do in a future version is associate vocab notes with answers, and re-enforce the vocab if I fail the sentence.

                So, if I fail to pass “Kelly {bought} {apples}”, apples and bought are marked as a failure.

                The problem with that change is coming up with a linking system that’s not ridiculously complex. I could use tags, but then I have to build relationships between tags which seems like it could get complicated; {Verb1} can be combined with {Noun2} but not {Noun4} etc.

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                  Yeah, I was kind of thinking the same thing. I had a similar idea a while back of what you call the “linking system”, but my thought experiments with that had all felt like I was going down the path of essentially encoding the domain knowledge of my content into the linking. That could be an interesting experiment, but seems to stray way outside of what has been studied in spaced repetition. So, I never actually got to the point of writing any code. I’d be interested to see if you end up going that route.

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              I want to try and boot into SerenityOS and check it out. I’ll be reading more of The Computational Beauty of Nature too.

              I need to migrate from Gatsby v2 to Gatsby v3 on my personal blog to keep the few plug-ins I use up to date. So I suppose my true challenge is resisting a Next.js rewrite :)

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                Continuing back on my Phoenix/Elixir clone of this site. Adding some LiveView to it. I wanted to not use Liveview, but I thought of some fun stuff to try, so I’m going to give it a shot.

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                  I have started similar project as I wanted showcase of my ideas how to write Elixir code and to check out how much of the code I can push to the DB.


                  It has very basic functionality of sign in, adding new submissions and voting is already implemented.

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                    Very cool! I will share my code once I have it working a little better.

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                  I’m adding Stripe to my Handshake registrar and finalizing the checkout flow.

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                    Handshake has a slick landing page!

                    How does it differ from namecoin and ENS?

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                      I really should check back here more than once a week, for comments.

                      Namecoin and ENS have a single TLD whereas Handshake is a DNS fork that effectively allows literally anyone to become their own registry/registrar…without paying ICANN $185k.

                      Here’s a great resource a community member is maintaining: https://learnhns.com

                      For an example of the kind of TLD portfolio you can accumulate, here’s mine: https://neuenet.com

                      Now, there will be conflicts with ICANN (and in fact there already is one, with .music) and some people will say Handshake is doomed because of it. ENS’ .eth conflicts with Ethiopia (ICANN) and appears to be doing just fine. For me, I just want to feel excited about “getting online” like I used to in the early 2000s and having a LOT of TLD options for domains gives me that feeling.

                      EDIT: To showcase a potential use case where a local government would utilize their own TLD, I created https://welcome.starbase . You’ll have to have a way to resolve Handshake domains though. The easiest way is via https://hdns.io or toggling a setting within NextDNS.

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                        Turns out I didn’t have emails turned on in my settings

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                    Exams, applying for jobs. Done with school soon, which will be nice in a way. It’s stressful, but I guess any time of change in your life is going to be— not that it helps with the anxiety to realize that. I’m not sure what I want to do, or if I’ll even ever enjoy doing anything.

                    It’s one thing to say to yourself “this too shall pass” and another to believe it.

                    I was thinking about coming up with a DSL for solitaire card games, that could be interesting. I also wanted to look into NES homebrew, which also looks like good fun.

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                      I became obsessed, last week, with the idea that PreScheme is the language I want all the time. So, I’ll spend sometime this week trying to work through that. I’ve already recognized a few downfalls, and have ideas for how to fix… but I am not entirely sure PreScheme is necessary for what I really want. Also, a random observation, I saw terra come up again, and was really surprised that the PreScheme paper was not cited by them.

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                        My evening goals this week is attempt to build a toy lisp interpreter.

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                          I’m working on random eviction policy for my memcached server rewrite in Rust. Evicting items is the last missing functionality from original server. Its time to publish it soon, I’ve been working on it for over a year now.

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                            I have to start working on the next book, so naturally I’m finding ways to postpone it (for ex: I finally installed Rust so that I can try building a couple of tools to try them out, work on blog posts, fiddling with book covers, etc).

                            I’ll probably read Truthwitch once I’m done with the book I started last week.

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                              Only working a couple of days, during which I’m mostly planning to Write Things Down™.

                              Then it’s the first Holiday of the year, spending a week with a friend driving to, and then round, Scotland. Haven’t been to Scotland for a couple of years, so massively looking forward to it. Also visiting a village I used to holiday in as a kid, and probably haven’t been back to for 20 years which I’m curious about.

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                                I’m waiting for a set of new key switches to try them out. I also need to finish up a portfolio page for a friend and start writing a blog post about the way I built a portfolio page without any Javascript. Including the multi page gallery and full screen carousel.

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                                  I started messing around with nannou this week after watching a Rust talk.

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                                    Studying like a madman for my upcoming onsites while putting in a solid 9 hours for my current company. Timed my interviews to be done when the Ontario lockdown ends. Nothing better to do than grind through leetcode problems, system design, and work until then I figured.

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                                      I’m borrowing a pair of AirPod Pros to get them compatible with AudioWrangler.

                                      macOS/iOS has special code just for AirPods. So when you take them out of your ear, it switches sound devices for you. Handy, yes, but gets in the way of what I’m doing. I’m trying to figure out if I can find some sort of signal (such as a Bluetooth event) to determine when that happens so I can distinguish it from more typical use cases, like the user switching to another device.

                                      Failing that, I can use some existing code that essentially always overrides a device switch. But I’m trying to avoid the heavy-handed approach.

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                                        Got a bit of extra time this week (few days off). Been writing a few Emacs-related posts I had been thinking about. Recently wrote https://xenodium.com/emacs-link-scraping-2021-edition. and https://xenodium.com/emacs-dwim-do-what-i-mean. Next one may be around enhancing Emacs help (ie. help Emacs help you).

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                                          I’m going to boil alive in my apartment.