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      In the Bad Old Days I discovered you could load your own font into SVGA cards ….

      So I made one and did so….

      And had a PC that was as untidy and unreadable as my own handwriting.


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        I remember having a lot of fun with that feature, though I don’t think I ever made my own font.

        Instead I found that you could both read the default font and change the fonts quickly enough to animate things. I wrote things that would dissolve the text on the screen pixel by pixel, make the letters explode, flip the letters upside down or left-to-right, etc. My absolute favorite though, was just shifting each pixel downwards until it came to rest at the bottom of the character cell or on top of the pixel below; each letter would just melt into a little heap. (Fun stuff to do when you wired it into a TSR and activated it with a hotkey.)

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          Wow, oldschool.

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        Hope you kept it, that’s amazing.

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          I didn’t keep it, as I was very disappointed with the result…

          All that effort to make things much worse. Sigh.

          Valuable lesson learnt… Font Design is Hard. Leave it to those who care about such things way way more than you possibly can.

          It’s like sorting routines.

          Some insanely focused folk enjoy spending days benchmarking and tweaking sort functions… unless you similar insane and have a month or two going free, you’re not going to do better.

          Use the one in the library.

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      I have my emacs, i3 and terminal all set to use the IBM VGA9 fonts, as they remind me of simpler times. They’re great for creating a sense of vague unease on one’s younger colleagues, who only saw these sort of fonts when things were going very badly with their computers.

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      Does this site crash chrome on anyone else’s android phone?

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      I just happen to be bored with my current monospace font. Anyone could recommend a font from this article that suitable for programming?