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    Tag suggestion: D meta

A tag for the D programming language. Of course, programming could be used until such a tag is added, but it’d mean people who don’t like D could filter out D posts, and discovery is easier for future D posts - good luck searching for D; the site silently refuses.


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    This makes a lot of sense. It used to be that c was for “C family”, so I tagged D posts as c. But the last month we added c++ and objectivec tag, and it no longer makes sense to tag D posts as c.

    https://lobste.rs/s/pps3yp is an example of using c tag for D posts.

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      At first, I read :D

      Language-specific tags could get a category in the tag list, then we could add a lot of these without bloating the list.

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        While we’re at it, R is another language with a problematic name.

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          An alternative would be “dlang” which is the kinda official term for Google searches etc.

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            Go is usually called golang, but the tag is still called “Go”, so I’d argue “D” makes more sense for consistency’s sake.

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              Same with c.

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                I’d not call C clang, because that can be confused with the clang C compiler.

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            D gets its own Lobsters tag… dare I dream? Truely a remarkable milestone. :-)