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    This is great. Well done. How is the code licensed? I didn’t see anything at:


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      ah good question! Just added a MIT license.

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      Nice work, but I think I manage to break it by pointing it to nixos/nixpkgs.

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        there are definitely repos that have so many files in the first 5 levels that the viz stalls! If I had more time, I would at least convert this to use Canvas instead of SVG, but sadly this was a timeboxed exploration! Hopefully someday

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          Same for torvalds/linux :D Edit: got it running, took a while, looks like it’s not actually able to render everything or there are too many files.

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          Now I want to see how it does the scrolling bit, but the visualizations are interesting too!

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            one day I’ll learn how to do this fancy stuff and not some CRUD app, I swear

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            Weird - I get “Application error: a client-side exception has occurred (developer guidance).” when attempting to access this page.

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              My entire phone is rebooting when it’s halfway through the page load (rooted LineageOS 16.0 tulip, Firefox Nightly 92.0a1)!

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                Hmm, that’s strange! Perhaps you hit it during a deploy. If it’s still not loading, do you mind telling me which browser/OS you’re on?

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                  Still getting the error on Safari/iOS 14.6 :(

                  I loaded it up in Firefox Focus and hey- presto! It worked!