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As someone without a CS degree, I admit I didn’t know Y combinator was a thing outside of the website.

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    From memory, the λ combinator is a function that takes a function as input and returns a function that returns the first function.

    …Is that right? This stuff is hard to hold on to if you don’t use it!

    The first time I read a really good article about the λ combinator, a new character joined the cast of “Math”.

    See, I’d known about numeric fixed points for some time, because I’ve played with calculators and fancy calculators… but, these are functions, not mere values.

    Of course, in the λ calculus, mere values look a lot like functions, now don’t they? :)

    I’m a fan of math, not a mathematician.

    Anyway, I think this Six Steps article is for people that already have the λ combinator in their own personal cast of “Math”.

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        That does sound key.

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      Well then, you’re going to love the talk “Programming with Nothing” (available in both video and article form).

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        See also (PDF) Gabriel’s “The Why Of Y”