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    Besides excluding people with less bandwidth or CPU and wasting electricity, a slow site wastes a lot of user-hours.

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      This is what the internet is like at my parents’ house. Even rural America is affected.


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        There are places one hour outside of Washington D.C. that don’t have access to broadband internet at all.

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          This is the same with them—they have to hot spot their cell phones for internet. Otherwise the only option would be dial-up.

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        A classic on the subject: http://danluu.com/web-bloat/

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          I’ve been thinking about ways to get us to a better spot here. The proliferation of third-party hosted scripts doesn’t do many favors, but having at least basic visibility into who is using your app is pretty valuable.

          Is there some sort of… self-hosted google analytics variant that you can feed your logs into or something so that you can get even really basic analysis of your inbound traffic from a business perspective?

          It would be great to see tools built that mean you can transition away from “100 scripts handled by a bunch of machines” to “everything nicely pipelined through a single server”

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            Wikipedia has a list of web analytics packages you can host. Place to start looking.