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    I wish it had a C API so it could be used with languages other than Dart.

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      There are the integrations from Dart, but I don’t know if you can call into Dart.

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      Questions about the advertised library that are not answered by this article include:

      • Why does it make no effort whatever to approximate GTK UI controls, or even respect the user’s choice of UI font?
      • Does it support standard X11/Wayland IMEs? Screenreaders? Accelerators? (Configurable accelerators?)
      • Does it correctly handle other settings inherited from X11, Wayland, environment variables, and GTK (e.g., font DPI, screen doubling/tripling mode, GTK’s dark-mode setting, and no-animation setting)?
      • Does it correctly implement the freedesktop.org standard mechanisms for tray icons, notifications, sounds, &c.?
      • Does it use HarfBuzz? If not, what text shaping capabilities does it have? Does it flip the UI layout automatically when using RTL and columnar scripts?
      • Assuming it doesn’t use fontconfig, does it handle emoji and font fallbacks correctly?
      • How badly does it break when used on X11/Wayland environments other than GNOME?
      • Which hardware-accelerated rendering APIs does it support, and does it use the system’s own mesa?
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        the Snap Store, the app store for Linux