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ATM there are tags for {Open,Net,Free}BSD but none for DragonFly BSD. DragonFly might not be as large as the other BSDs, however, there is always some interesting development ongoing:

  • Releases
  • Nice bugs in AMD CPUs spotted by dillon@ :)

To allow folks to filter better and authors/submitters to use the correct tag instead of “something related” I’d vote for a DragonFlyBSD tag.

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        I think meta is fine for now.

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      Are there existing stories that are currently poorly tagged but would fit well with this tag? That’s usually the clincher in discussions like this.

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        I already asked some authors of existing stories to edit them and add the tag.

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          I believe most stories can’t be edited after a while - best you can do is use the suggest option to suggest the tag on related stories.

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      Wouldn’t it make sense to do a general BSD tag instead, and merge {Net,Open,Free} BSD into that? It’s usually easy to deduce which BSD it’s from, based on who’s posting it ;)

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        I disagree. See this discussion.

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        I strongly disagree for a common BSD tag and expressed that when the NetBSD tag was suggested here: https://lobste.rs/s/n5vowd/new_tag_suggestion_netbsd

        I am all for adding a DragonFlyBSD tag.

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        m-o o-n, that’s how you spell unix.

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      +2 ;^)

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