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    I was so happy in thinking that somebody wrote a performant tsc implementation.

    % time tsc --outFile foo.js foo.ts 
        0m01.93s real     0m02.68s user     0m00.49s system


    % cat foo.ts
    module Shapes {
        export class Rectangle {
            constructor (public height: number, public width: number) { }
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      Title is bit clickbaity, but the actual content is super interesting, too. :)

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        Yeah, the title is total clickbait. He didn’t compile the Typescript. He took the parser out of the compiler, ran it inside BigQuery, and was able to get a million ASTs in 40 seconds. While impressive, it’s nowhere near a full compile.

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        This really is very cool

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          s/Compiled/Parsed but this is ingenious.