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    It contains all the artful elements of FreeDesktop code, including the lack of knowledge what actually does and 20 ways of configuring, all of them barely working.

    I think there’s at least one word missing from this sentence. Did you perhaps mean, “including the lack of knowledge of what it actually does”?

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      Yeah, it seems so. It’s rephrased now, I started proofreading quite recently so there are still some mistakes.

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      I don’t quite understand this article — what is meant by “plumbing”? I know that xdg-open is similar to macOS’s open (it can be used to open a file in the appropriate program). However, how is plan9’s “pumbing” better?

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        By plumbing it is meant opening files with appropriate program. The issue is that xdg-open is absolute hell to configure, and plan9 plumber is much easier, readable, and hackable. It’s simpler and lighter than the standard solution, and yet is fully compatible with some configuration.