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      Funny. My ERL slagged itself and I moved to protectli recently. Full review forthcoming.

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        why not an apu from pc engines?

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          The last time I looked at pc engines, you had to remember to buy a board, and a case, and a power supply, and power cord, and probably something else I’m surely forgetting. I don’t mind installing ram or ssd, but I had little confidence I would successfully order all the parts needed to build a functional apu.

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            yes, that sucks. nowadays you can buy them as kits. maybe even preassembled. and openbsd runs nicely on them :-)

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              There’s also (EU: business customers only). Followed by a long list of distributors in random EU countries, many (most?) of which don’t seem to stock the current boards and kits at all..

              It just seems so much easier to buy something else.

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                I got mine from amazon.de but it’s possible that there’s no such thing on amazon.com. But this is not an endorsement, just wanted to know if there’s a technical reasoning behind the decision, nothing more ;-)

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            Hah, I just last week bought another APU2 and was similarly disinterested in fussing with assembly. Found at least one vendor who does fully built boxes. I picked one of these and put a storage drive in the same order and it showed up fully assembled.