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    This is excellent.

    Most of those grumpy old programmers you run into have simply been on the merry-go-round so many times they can see straight through the hype.

    Additionally, no amount of tooling replaces wisdom or core programming skills, so focus on those. They don’t depreciate over time even if HN changes its mind on something.

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      “They don’t depreciate over time even if HN changes its mind on something.”

      There’s quite a few of us on HN countering hyped bullshit. Including plenty of old timers. Including on this article itself. ;) I’m currently doing it on countering trusting trust paper. So, don’t lump us all into one category. Still diversity over there despite the rampant fanboyism around specific tech or fads.

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        even if HN changes

        I thought we were not supposed to speak of that.

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        The comments section is great. Comments from programmer’s in their 60’s and comments from programmers with 8 month’s experience. Lots of good advice.

        My favorite:

        get yourself a hobby farm instead and keep on programming.

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          As someone that grew up on a farm. God no on the hobby farm bit. To each their own but I can’t imagine farming/ranching as a hobby. It is a lot of work. Then again doing things for livelihood vs hobby probably is the dividing line for most things.

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          I had a lot to say, so I just wrote my own article. I don’t think it deserves its own submission.