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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    Headed out to a cottage for the week, so I’m off of work for the duration. I will probably be working on my blog about switching to Linux.

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      Trying to finish my OCaml bindings to X11. I’ve been working on and off for this for years and burned out on it a couple times, but last week I finally made some progress on the compiler middle-end, which is the part I always got stuck on, and I’m very close to finishing it. the rest is all stuff that I’ve already done in previous iterations, so it’s just a matter of copying it over.

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        Thinking about how I would add the features I have in mind and fix all the issues on https://github.com/alexmyczko/fnt

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          Took a break from some of my pet projects to contribute to MuditaOS. Stoked that there’s gonna be an opensource dumbphone for luddites like me.

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            work: I’m reaching the end of my onboarding phase. time to leave baby land and try actually do the thing more

            not work: I’m really mad at the input latency for emacs on macos, so I’m trying to get emacs to speak kitty’s shiny new keyboard protocol so I can have a speedy experience over there without sacrificing keybindings.

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              Switching from bash to powershell (on Linux). In particular I’m impressed by powershell’s capability to process structured data in pipelines, eg:

              # Query Markdown notes for neuron blog posts, https://neuron.zettel.page/
              neuron -d /home/srid/code/www.srid.ca/ query --cached --zettels | 
                ConvertFrom-Json | 
                Where-Object {$_.Meta.tags -Contains "blog/neuron"} | 
                Select-Object Date,Title

              (Normally in a Linux shell you would use jq here)

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                • work: implement caching to try and take some load of the DB when a massive amount of reconnects happen
                • personal: try and put some time in my site, blogging and a personal project I’d like to make some progress on
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                  Completing my Ruby bindings to macOS Big Sur’s Virtualization.framework. Then I can hopefully get started on a Vagrant provider.

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                    • After lots of interruptions over the past two weeks, hope to finally finish revising my Perl one-liners book
                    • Reading Blade’s Edge
                    • Planning to start a book review blog
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                      I have been spending weeks on an admin interface on a tiny proxy that we only need because the deadline for a project that requires a feature from an internal third party service is a few months before the earliest point where the developers of that service have said they might be able to start working on that feature. So the proxy implements the feature – about 50 lines of code, 40 of which would be unnecessary if the feature were implemented where it was intended – and we’ve got like 400 lines of internal admin UI in case, during the few months when this code will be running, somebody wants to manually edit our database without installing an SQL client. Even so, 90% of the work on this project has been getting after devops people to remind them that they have promised to spin up machines and create security groups.

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                        @work I have a short week, and Monday-Wednesday I’m finishing up a fix to some of our post-install scripts, and working on a way to start running our functional/integration tests in Docker instead of the kludgy (IMO, at least) way we run them now.

                        Thursday thru Tuesday a couple friends and I are driving to Arizona and riding the Black Canyon Trail between Mayer and Pheonix and then driving back to Colorado.

                        @home I’m mostly prepping for the trip.

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                          Improving/organizing my team’s documentation, maybe looking at recording some internal video demos of things.


                          Maybe making a switch to Linux? I’m thinking about building a new PC and I’m wondering how long it will take me to swap/restart between Windows (for games) and Linux (for everything else).

                          Also more programming language research :)