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    So, why isn’t Theo called on his rants more often?

    We even have a nice little epithet ready-made: DeRants.

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      I think people who aren’t up for that particular brand of interaction just avoid the project – which is probably how he likes it!

      I was using OpenBSD for pf and relayd for a few years, but I didn’t participate in the mailing list.

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        Because it happens much less often than you or anyone else believes.

        I’m participating in all the project related mailing lists daily - it’s easier to find someone completely not related to the project doing a rant on our list than it is to find Theo finally pushed into replying.

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          I’m an infrequent reader of the OpenBSD lists (I normally read them weekly), but a quick scan of December’s posts by Theo has 4-5 posts that are rather abrasive (at least to my probably over-sensitive eyes).

          For example: 1 2 3 4

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            Now go through the emails from the same time-period looking out for Rupert Gallagher ie. in the SSD TRIM thread - note you won’t be able to on marc.info as he uses protonmail. That’s a person not related to the project, Theo just stands out to you as he is a known person and people trigger him with emails like the one quoted below:

            Date: Wed, 06 Dec 2017 03:15:57 -0500
            From: Rupert Gallagher
            To: Mike Burns
            Subject: Re: TRIM on SSD

            I know well that article, because it is several years old with no updates.

            Those working on ffs should do what they are supposed to do. Lack of money? Setup a stickers sale or a kickstarter, get the money and just fucking do it.

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            edit: removed emails from the headers, no point feeding spam bot crawlers.

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              I don’t disagree that there are plenty of abrasive posts from others on -misc (probably more so than on any other list I’m subscribed to… well other than cypherpunks, but that’s another story…). I can’t help but think that the tone of some of Theo’s posts has encouraged others to post in a similar vein.

              Yes, I know “shut up and show me the code”, but surely newbies need to start somewhere?

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                Is that a deliberate feature of Proton Mail or a happy accident? I fail to see how a service like Proton Mail can work for a mailing list scenario, surely the mail is sent in plain text as per normal?

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                  Well you can read it and pass it through a base64 decoder. It’s just something the marc.info mail archive software is not able to handle and the user decided not to disable that in his protonmail settings. It’s not for security.