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    Pleroma is built on a lot less technology than Mastodon. To run a Mastodon instance, you need Rails, PostgreSQL, Redis, Sidekiq, NodeJS and - if you want search - ElasticSearch. For Pleroma, you only need Elixir and PostgreSQL, while still getting all the features. This simplifies installation and makes maintenance somewhat easier.

    Congrats on keeping things somewhat minimal!

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      WIth gopher support!

      Thought I’d call attention to that given the past interest about gopher on this site.

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        Why doesn’t the first stable release not have a version number 1.0?

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          It’s probably a joke. 9 is associated with Cirno and the subtext of “strongest” confirms this.

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          Congrats! I’ve been following pleroma for a while. It is very exciting :-) and it is also the first elixir-based project that made that language interesting for me, I love how minimalist it is in requirements compared to other stuff.