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    Hmm. That’s a lot of frontend JavaScript, wish that part were discussed a bit more. I don’t see a demo instance, does this work without JavaScript at all?

    Then there’s claims of dealing with session management, but where are the details? Does this include user accounts and login? Account creation? Maybe I’m missing the goal of the article, but wouldn’t it be better to demonstrate these things?

    Regarding it as just a list of recommended packages, configurator seems like a dubious choice. It certainly doesn’t fit the “dead simple” narrative, with live configuration reloading. Its author went on to create and abandon configurator-ng, stating that

    The application interface of configurator has numerous problems:

    • it makes it easy to introduce race conditions
    • it makes it difficult to write an application that is relatively robust to misconfiguration errors
    • does not scale well to moderately complex configuration scenarios
    • the configuration change notifications are particularly difficult to use beyond the most trivial of use cases.