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    Federal pay scales, which are public, lag far behind those in the private sector, Marlinspike pointed out, something he believes keeps the best cryptographic talent in the private sector.

    That’s a really strange comment from moxie. Maybe I’m wrong, but I never thought of him as someone just in it for the money, so it’s weird for him to say that about others. I don’t think many people sign up with the NSA for the money, you do it precisely because you get access to all that secret crypto sauce.

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      I’m on the fence about this. There are a lot of people motivated by money, but there are a lot of people motivated by the idea of service to their country (which a lot of the NSA people are, despite the harm they do sometimes).

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      I posted the link to the BlackHat talk this is based on the other day. Basically, advances in solving the discrete logarithm problem (which RSA, DSA, and DH are based on) make it likely that within this decade, algorithms based on the DLP will be broken.