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Related slides: https://leaf.dragonflybsd.org/~sephe/dfly1_p.pdf


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    DragonFlyBSD has been doing some great work.

    It makes me wonder if having fewer devs than FreeBSD (project it was originally forked from years ago) has necessitated trimming features, which presumably makes some things easier due to not having to support/maintain so many interfaces – for example DragonFlyBSD has 1 firewall (ipfw2), instead of the 3 (ipfw, pf, ipf) in FreeBSD.

    If so, FreeBSD would be well served trimming some detritus.

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      I’ve often wondered that. A long time FreeBSD-er I know talks about the distro never really recovering after the BSDI merge.

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        Oh interesting. Do you have any background on that or further recollections on the impacts on FreeBSD?

        It’s also interesting that apparently a company started as OffMyServer, by two BSDi employees, later purchased iXsystems and subsequently rebranded themselves as such. Further, according to wikipedia:

        In 2007, iXsystems acquired FreeBSD Mall, Inc., reuniting all the portions of the original BSDi that had been spun off to Wind River Systems.

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          Ah. For some reason I thought they dropped it. Thanks for the correction.

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          I don’t think they’re comparable anymore. I think you can compare dragonflybsd more to openbsd than to freebsd. They’re a relatively small project with a strong philosophy and project goal who are very good at what they do (in this case performance), but they have a lot of quirks that might leave some users uncomfortable while they make hobbyists very enthusiastic.

          As such they don’t shy away from removing features that they judge aren’t meaningful to their users/community anymore (non-amd64 support, some older network interfaces, some legacy code that’s still in freebsd but not in dragonfly). The project philosophy is so different that the parallels you can make from them coming from the same root aren’t entirely accurate anymore. Keep in mind the fork happened 15 years ago, with development happening independently over that time. That’s also important.

          Also, dragonfly has ipfw3 and pf. According to the documentation (https://www.dragonflybsd.org/docs/ipfw3/), ipfw3 was written from scratch.

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            Keep in mind the fork happened 15 years ago

            Wow. Time sure passes quickly. Seems like not that long ago..